If you are currently receiving signals from our Executive Team of traders, then you have already enjoyed our simple copy, paste and profit system! However, you have probably also learned that even with this simple strategy; Forex Trading can still be hard for the average person.

The Forex Market is 24/5 so chances are you will miss trades while working, sleeping etc. When trading on your own there is also room for human error, poor decisions based on emotion and just not having a general understanding of risk management and how to place a trade.

As a result, our company does offer training and education to help you learn more about Forex and how to be successful. So if you want to learn, the opportunity is available. However, most people don’t have the desire or the time to learn this intensively, it is most often these reasons that they put a hand up and say no. So, we have recently introduced the InstaTrader to our list of services and it has taken off in ways we never imagined. You simply put your money in your account and let the InstaTrader do the work for you.

Our trades are profitable close to 80% of the time and with the InstaTrader, you never miss a trade or a profit. The potential of this opportunity is life changing. It allows the average person the opportunity to make their money work for them. No longer is Forex limited to the big banks and secret hedge funds, we are providing a service that lets you participate and profit.
There is no better gift than time freedom and the InstaTrader is the opportunity you have been waiting for!